Esthetic Rehabilitation of Retained Primary Teeth-A Conservative Approach.

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With the advancement in ceramic restorations bonded to tooth structure, the treatment has become a feasible and conservative option to restore teeth with alteration in shape when owing to high demand in esthetics, with or without minimum tooth preparation. This article describes a report of a 32-year-old woman who was dissatisfied with her smile. The patient reported that she still had deciduous teeth, and that the maxillary lateral incisors had been restored with direct resin composite to correct the teeth shape. After discussing the restorative possibilities, a decision was made to place all-ceramic crowns (lithium disilicate glass-ceramic) with minimal tooth preparation, which figures as a conservative full-coverage approach. An esthetic outcome resembling a natural-looking smile resulted in the patient's satisfaction. Bonding of all-ceramic crowns onto minimally prepared deciduous teeth figures as a conservative treatment in case of partial anodontia, which decreases the chance of root resorption induced by trauma and benefits from good adhesion to enamel.

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