The Sobel Distinguished Scholar in Coronary Artery Disease

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As the original Editor-in-Chief of Coronary Artery Disease, Burton E. Sobel, MD, had an important mission: publish high-quality investigations from leading international researchers and thus move our knowledge of coronary artery disease forward 1. As the second Editor-in-Chief of Coronary Artery Disease, I made a decision to have the journal achieve its purpose solely through our authors and Editorial Board members. Thus, there is no Editor’s page, highlights, or opinions among our featured areas. All editorials are written by our Editorial Board members or expert reviewers and highlight noteworthy manuscripts. Similarly, Review in Depth articles are contributed by recognized scholars in coronary artery disease, including members of our own Editorial Board. We recognize that being an Editorial Board member of a peer-reviewed journal may be the worst-paying job in academic medicine: remuneration is not possible and the work is generally anonymous. Thus, the scholarly contributions of the Editorial Board are a tribute to the noblest spirit of academics: moving our field forward for no reason other than it is our purpose as scholars in this field.

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