Three-dimensional volumetric analysis of ghost cell odontogenic carcinoma using 3-D reconstruction software: a case report

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Ghost cell odontogenic carcinoma is a very rare malignant neoplasm. Tumor volume may be a more precise alternative for determining size, which is usually measured by maximum linear dimension. The purpose of this case report is to highlight the importance of obtaining 3-dimensional (3-D) images of the tumor for volumetric analysis to improve the chances of surgical success. This report presents a case of ghost cell odontogenic carcinoma infiltrating the maxillary sinus through the palate. The lesion was surgically treated and subsequently selected for volumetric reconstruction and analysis of the tumor by using InVesalius software. In this case report, we describe the use of a pictorial technique in which the tumor volume was calculated to help predict the surgical results.


The tumor could be visualized in 3-D, with color improving the image of the segmented volume and thus increasing the perception of boundaries and depth.


Recognition of the lesion shape by volumetric analysis can provide the surgical team with clearer information, thereby helping in surgical planning and consequently increasing the chances of surgical success.

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