Clinical Toxicity of Acute Overdoses With L-Thyroxin in Children

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L-Thyroxine ingestion is rarely seen in children; here, we report our experience of it. This study describes the clinical characteristics and laboratory findings of acute L-thyroxine ingestion in children.


This retrospective study enrolled patients treated for L-thyroxine ingestion at Kayseri Teaching Hospital between September 2013 and September 2016. Clinical characteristics and laboratory findings are described. Ethical approval was not obtained because the study was retrospective.


The incidence of L-thyroxine ingestion was 0.07% to 1.2% per year. There were 14 patients. Twelve patients were asymptomatic, but 2 (14.2%) exhibited tachycardia and hypertension. Thyroid hormone levels were elevated in 3 patients (21.4%). Eleven patients did not require medical treatment (78.4%); 3 did. No serious complication or death was observed.


Acute ingestion has a benign course. Serious complications are uncommon but may appear several hours or days after ingestion; therefore, patients with L-thyroxine ingestion should be followed closely for 2 weeks.

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