Potential of folate supplementation to reduce mortality in hypertensive patients

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Impaired renal function is associated with increased cardiovascular and all-cause mortality. Low glomerular filtration rate and high albumin excretion rate, both measures of renal dysfunction, are independent prognostic predictors. High homocysteine and low folate concentrations relate to cardiovascular events and to all-cause mortality [1,2]. Furthermore, due to low intake, high demand, or high losses, low folate and high homocysteine concentrations are common findings in patients with chronic kidney disease. Although people in some regions of the world have high dietary folate intake and/or grain fortification, there are also large populations in developing countries in Asia and elsewhere with low dietary folate intake and no mandatory food fortification. These regional differences may have contributed to the inconclusive evidence from previous studies on the potential of folate supplementation to reduce cardiovascular events and mortality [3].

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