Health Care and the New Administration

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Thank you for the March editorial, “It's Time to Earn the Public's Trust.” It's important that nurses realize they must speak out when the public's health is at stake.
The health and health care of many are threatened under the new administration. If its agenda is successful, many people will lose insurance coverage and will not get needed preventative and acute care services. EDs will have to handle all those with no other place to turn. Hospitals will have to provide care for which they will not be reimbursed, jeopardizing their ability to serve their communities. The cutting of Planned Parenthood funding will mean that low-income and socially at-risk women may not get the family planning and prenatal care they need. Without prenatal care, the risk of premature birth rises, increasing the risk of developmental disabilities.
These are just a few of the reasons why nurses must become active in the political process if they are to fulfill their role as patient advocates.
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