Knowledge and Practices of Diabetes Foot Care and Risk of Developing Foot Ulcers in México May Have Implications for Patients of Méxican Heritage Living in the US

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The purpose of the study was to examine the relationship between knowledge and foot care practices among adults with type 2 diabetes.


A descriptive correlational study examined 200 patients with type 2 diabetes in México. Data collected included the Knowledge and Practices Self-Care Questionnaire and a Podiatry Examination Questionnaire. Data analysis included Pearson’s correlations and chi-square tests.


More than half of the participants had poor knowledge and poor foot care practices. A significant negative correlation between knowledge and practices of foot care and risk of developing diabetes foot ulcers was found. There was no relationship between sociodemographic variables and the risk of developing diabetes foot ulcers.


Patients with type 2 diabetes served in an outpatient clinic had poor knowledge and practices of foot care. They demonstrated decreased knowledge and practice of foot care and therefore showed a greater risk of developing diabetes foot, which may predispose patients to early complications.

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