The Dynamics of the Valued Metrics in the Future of the Global Information Syatem

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Indeed, it has become a weekly event that I have to spend time explaining the new dynamics of the metrics system for scholarly publications. It is also with regret that I have to report to you that the level of ignorance, especially for those who talk most about the metric system, has quadrupled lately. However, the Spring is always great for lovers of the outdoor life, and in my area that is a not only a must, but a duty to be practiced on a daily basis.
It was indeed a great day and I was preparing the next adventure, be it water sports, a land escapade, or just enjoying the cold northern wind in presence of a bright hot sun with its burning rays. That is a dilemma that requires a major decision, from a person involved in so many adventures. As usual in a calm day like this, interruptions and distractions are the rule and sometimes we consider them brutal. The request came from a colleague asking how the learning arena are going to work now as so many periodicals and new books are popping out from everywhere. That was easy to answer, as we are all involved in the changes and what they entail. The second request was from a patient for information about a colleague who claims that they are members on the editorial board of the journal on their marketing media which is everywhere with no guidelines or control. They insist that the journal information system did not support the claims noted in the involved media. A lack of trust existed and needed my clarification. That was easy to respond to as we get similar questions periodically. The answer is that we make no mistakes of fake advertising. However, for the metrics the fact remains that the old archaic system is in reality not realistic and non-operational. We have published many new things related to that avenue recently and lastly we have detailed some of the facts recently. Our colleagues were lucky for I just finished going over the material that is available and have spent the last two years searching after the real facts ever since the high impacted scientific journal came with the first questioning of the old system's value. Also, if any new system emerges to use, all those involved that had misused the facts and changed it to a marketing system will still be doing so. These are the true facts that have existed in the last decade that we in the journal family have no control over. As soon as the misuse happens then suddenly for-profit organizations pop out of nowhere and start selling the metrics for the highest bidder.
Having said all that, let me go over the factual issues that are happening now, and the changes that are taking place on a more frequent basis. The most important issue was that those utilizing the system did not understand what the system was all about, and that is a good example of how the industry can take advantage of that ignorance, a common endeavor in a free enterprise system, as well as a frequent occurrence seen everywhere around us. The metrics system we have, and have had, was touted to us as the only scientific method to evaluate anything in the scholarly system of publications. From submission of a manuscript, to the review process, and finally the publications of the scientific material, all those processes have metrics for evaluation of the value, proficiency, and usability.
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