Capillary Hemangioma of the Tympanic Membrane and External Auditory Canal

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Hemangiomas are very common tumors characterized by large numbers of vessels filled with blood. Capillary hemangioma is the most common type of hemangioma, whereas capillary hemangiomas of the tympanic membrane and external auditory canal are extremely rare vascular tumors. The authors present capillary hemangioma of the tympanic membrane and external auditory canal in a 54-year-old woman with right-sided aural fullness for 3 months. Under local anesthesia, the mass was resected by transcanal microscopic surgery. Histologically, the tumor was composed of thin-walled capillaries with scant stroma and diagnosed as capillary hemangioma. After surgery, her symptoms improved and she did not exhibit any signs of recurrence for 1 year. The authors also review the relevant literature related to this report.

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