PopFly: theDrosophilapopulation genomics browser

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The recent compilation of over 1100 worldwide wild-derived Drosophila melanogaster genome sequences reassembled using a standardized pipeline provides a unique resource for population genomic studies (Drosophila Genome Nexus, DGN). A visual display of the estimated metrics describing genome-wide variation and selection patterns would allow gaining a global view and understanding of the evolutionary forces shaping genome variation.

Availability and implementation:

Here, we present PopFly, a population genomics-oriented genome browser, based on JBrowse software, that contains a complete inventory of population genomic parameters estimated from DGN data. This browser is designed for the automatic analysis and display of genetic variation data within and between populations along the D. melanogaster genome. PopFly allows the visualization and retrieval of functional annotations, estimates of nucleotide diversity metrics, linkage disequilibrium statistics, recombination rates, a battery of neutrality tests, and population differentiation parameters at different window sizes through the euchromatic chromosomes. PopFly is open and freely available at site http://popfly.uab.cat.


sergi.hervas@uab.cat or antonio.barbadilla@uab.cat

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