Serology ofStreptococcus gallolyticussubspeciesgallolyticusand its association with colorectal cancer and precursors

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Streptococcus gallolyticussubspeciesgallolyticus(SGG) is potentially associated with colorectal cancer (CRC) and its precursors. A previous case-control study measured antibody responses to SGG pilus proteins Gallo2178 and Gallo2179 and identified significant associations with a small fraction of CRC cases. We aimed at replicating and expanding these findings in an independent study including additional SGG antigens and explored the association with precancerous lesions. We applied multiplex serology to measure antibodies to eleven SGG proteins in serum samples of a screening colonoscopy trial (BliTz study) including participants diagnosed with either non-advanced adenoma (NAA,n = 30), advanced adenoma (AA,n = 100), CRC (n = 50) or controls (n = 228). In addition, we analyzed CRC samples (n = 318) from patients recruited in a clinical setting (DACHSplus study). The association of antibody responses to SGG pilus proteins Gallo2178 and Gallo2179 with CRC was replicated with 4% positive DACHSplus cases compared to 0% positive BliTz controls. Positivity to two or more proteins of a newly defined panel of six SGG markers was significantly associated with CRC in the DACHSplus study (OR: 1.81, 95% CI: 1.07–3.06). Odds for CRC, AA and NAA in the BliTz study were also increased with antibody responses to SGG, and the association was significant for NAA (OR: 2.98, 95% CI: 1.18–7.57). Antibody responses to SGG are associated with CRC and its precursors. The newly identified SGG six-marker panel and associations found with precancerous lesions should be further explored.

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