Outcomes for Ab Interno Bleb Revision With a Novel Translimbal Sclerostomy Spatula

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To report outcomes for a novel ab interno bleb revision technique and spatula.

Patients and Methods:

This is a retrospective chart review.


A total of 21 eyes of 21 patients underwent ab interno bleb revision with the Grover-Fellman biplanar sclerostomy spatula. Mitomycin C was given at least 1 week preoperation. The mean age of the patients and blebs were 67 and 6.75 years, respectively. The mean follow-up is 10.6 months (range: 3 to 17 mo). Mean preoperative intraocular pressure (IOP) (SD) was 21.9 (9.1) mm Hg on 3.7 (1.2) glaucoma medications. At 12 months follow-up, the mean IOP was 12.1 mm Hg on 0.86 medications. Four eyes failed due to uncontrolled IOP needing a tube shunt. One eye failed due to uncontrolled IOP but was lost to follow-up before a tube shunt could be performed. All failures occurred within 3 months. Two eyes had an IOP of <5 mm Hg after 1 month with no evidence of hypotony maculopathy. These cases resolved after 3 months without surgical intervention. All successful cases had blebs that were low, diffuse, and posterior.


After a failed filtration surgery, a low-diffuse bleb was reestablished by pretreating with subconjunctival mitomycin C followed by ab interno bleb revision with the Grover-Fellman biplanar sclerostomy spatula, decreasing further more invasive glaucoma procedures.

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