The efficacy of a lip balm containing pseudo-ceramide on the dry lips of sensitive skin-conscious subjects

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Many people use lip care products daily to prevent dry lips. However, some people, especially those with sensitive skin-consciousness, complain of various skin problems on their lips including contact dermatitis caused by lip care products. Dry lips have decreased water holding capacity and cutaneous barrier function as well as reduced stratum corneum ceramide levels. In this study, we investigated the usefulness of a newly formulated lip balm containing pseudo-ceramide for the dry lips of subjects with sensitive skin.


Thirty subjects with dry lips and sensitive skin-consciousness used the test lip balm more than twice a day for 4 weeks. Lip conditions were evaluated before and after 2 and 4 weeks.


Visual evaluation by a dermatologist showed that overall improvements were observed in all subjects as early as week 2. After 4 weeks of usage, 27% of the subjects were objectively judged as “markedly improved” and 60% of the subjects were judged as “improved”. No adverse event developed throughout the test period, and all subjects were able to use the lip balm safely for 4 weeks. Usefulness was judged based on all evaluation items, and 27%, 70%, and 3% of the subjects were judged as “very useful,” “useful,” and “slightly useful,” respectively. Ninety percentage of the subjects expressed improvement and acceptance of the lip balm.


Based on these results, the newly formulated lip balm containing pseudo-ceramide is very useful for the lip care of sensitive skin-conscious subjects as well as for daily use by healthy subjects.

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