MAGenTA: a Galaxy implemented tool for complete Tn-Seq analysis and data visualization

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Transposon insertion sequencing (Tn-Seq) is a microbial systems-level tool, that can determine on a genome-wide scale and in high-throughput, whether a gene, or a specific genomic region, is important for fitness under a specific experimental condition.


Here, we present MAGenTA, a suite of analysis tools which accurately calculate the growth rate for each disrupted gene in the genome to enable the discovery of: (i) new leads for gene function, (ii) non-coding RNAs; (iii) genes, pathways and ncRNAs that are involved in tolerating drugs or induce disease; (iv) higher order genome organization; and (v) host-factors that affect bacterial host susceptibility. MAGenTA is a complete Tn-Seq analysis pipeline making sensitive genome-wide fitness (i.e. growth rate) analysis available for most transposons and Tn-Seq associated approaches (e.g. TraDis, HiTS, IN-Seq) and includes fitness (growth rate) calculations, sliding window analysis, bottleneck calculations and corrections, statistics to compare experiments and strains and genome-wide fitness visualization.

Availability and implementation:

MAGenTA is available at the Galaxy public ToolShed repository and all source code can be found and are freely available at


Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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