HTSvis: a web app for exploratory data analysis and visualization of arrayed high-throughput screens

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Arrayed high-throughput screens (HTS) cover a broad range of applications using RNAi or small molecules as perturbations and specialized software packages for statistical analysis have become available. However, exploratory data analysis and integration of screening results has remained challenging due to the size of the data sets and the lack of user-friendly tools for interpretation and visualization of screening results. Here we present HTSvis, a web application to interactively visualize raw data, perform quality control and assess screening results from single to multi-channel measurements such as image-based screens. Per well aggregated raw and analyzed data of various assay types and scales can be loaded in a generic tabular format.

Availability and implementation:

HTSvis is distributed as an open-source R package, downloadable from and can also be accessed at


Supplementary information:

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online.

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