Ulnar Head Reconstruction with Microvascular Second Metatarsal

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The distal radioulnar joint along with the interosseous ligament of the forearm and the proximal radioulnar joint, form a functionally integrated system responsible for the pronation–supination of the hand. The distal ulna, the so-called ulnar head, is an integral part of this system. Apart from its well-known role in forearm rotation, the ulnar head is essential in transverse load transmission through the distal radioulnar joint upon resisted elbow flexion. Autologous reconstruction of ulnar head would theoretically be beneficial with respect to prostheses.


Three cases of ulnar head reconstruction with microvascular second metatarsal are reported herein including trauma, oncological, and congenital ethiologies.


The clinical result was good without complaints of instability.


The cases included in this series, although heterogeneous, indicate that this treatment may be feasible also in postoncological resections and in congenital cases.

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