Molecular cloning and characterization of DNGR-1 in rhesus macaques

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DC, NK lectin group receptor-1 (DNGR-1), also known as C-type lectin domain family 9 member A (CLEC9A), is a promising target for immunological therapeutics and vaccination against tumors and viruses. However, little is known about its property in rhesus macaques. In this study, we cloned rhesus macaque DNGR-1 cDNA, and found that its coding region could encode a 241-amino acid polypeptide with 91.7% sequence identity and similar antigenicity to that of humans. Both free and cell surface rhesus macaque DNGR-1 expressed in vitro could bind to apoptotic/dead cells induced by serum deprivation or freeze-thaw, and to pyroptotic cells stimulated with PMA and LPS. We also demonstrated that rhesus macaque DNGR-1 mRNA was present in all the examined tissues, with the highest in lymph nodes, spleen, blood, and thymus. The expression of DNGR-1 that is highly similar to that of humans warranted the usefulness of rhesus macaques in testing human therapeutics and vaccines targeting DNGR-1, especially those for HIV/AIDS.

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