The Dentoalveolar Prosthesis: A Novel Approach in the Reconstruction of Hard and Soft Tissue Deficiencies.

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A clinical problem commonly encountered by the advanced restorative dentist is a requirement to replace missing teeth and the supporting alveolus in areas adjacent to healthy or manageable dentition. A potential solution could utilize a dentoalveolar prosthesis fabricated on two or more implants in the edentulous area. The implant substructure, or framework, may be cast, milled, or selectively laser melted from a variety of metals. A superstructure, or ceramic overlay incorporating a ceramic or composite resin gingival tissue component, is constructed to fit over the implant substructure and luted to the substructure with resin cement. This implant-supported fixed dental prosthesis identifies a solution for the replacement of both teeth and supporting alveolar bone. It restores comfort, function, and esthetics to the patient.

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