Molar incisor malformation in six cases: description and diagnostic protocol

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The term molar-incisor malformation (MIM) has recently been presented in the scientific literature, where it is described as a condition with localized impaired root development. Here we present 6 recently discovered cases referred to our departments.

Study Design.

The patients were enrolled in the study after referral and were examined clinically and radiologically. Two extracted teeth were further examined with micro–computed tomography or microscopy.


Affected teeth were first permanent molars with hypoplastic roots, narrow pulp chambers, and a hypercalcified dentine layer cervical to the pulp chamber. Two of the cases also had cervical constrictions on the upper incisors. The patients were 8 to 12 years of age and healthy, but had experienced serious medical conditions of the head and neck region in their first year of life. Some of the cases had been referred because of acute infection and pain.


In 5 out of 6 patients, severe health problems in the head and neck region early in life may have been associated with root malformation in molars and incisors. Patients with MIM need to be followed closely, and extractions should be planned at the right time to avoid unnecessary infection and pain in addition to orthodontic problems.

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