Women with vulvodynia: awareness and knowledge of its care among student healthcare staff

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Vulvodynia, which involves the female reproductive system, represents both physical and psychosexual health concerns for women. However, women with this syndrome often find that it is misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mismanaged and ignored 1. Vulvodynia carries a heavy personal cost to patients 1 and a significant financial cost to society 4, with women typically consulting over three physicians about pain 5. It is important that healthcare professionals who meet women of reproductive age have sufficient awareness and knowledge of vulvodynia and its management. Early intervention to deal with the symptoms of vulvodynia in primary health care, such as student health care, may prevent sexual and reproductive health problems in young women 1. Though there is some evidence regarding the knowledge of vulvodynia and its care among physicians 9, there is no such research in primary healthcare settings, such as among student healthcare staff who meet and care for nulliparous women.

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