Long-term Evaluation of Fracture Removal Treatment for Propagated Crown Fractures

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An apically propagated crown fracture has an unfavorable prognosis and typically leads to extraction of the tooth. Although novel treatments for the repair of crown/root fractures have been documented, the long-term predictability of the treatments remains unclear. Three previously reported cases of fracture removal were followed 3.5 years (1 case) and 5.5 years (2 cases) after treatment to determine the long-term clinical and radiographic effects of nonsurgical fracture removal. This recall case report series shows the ability of the fracture removal technique to provide long-term success (clinically and radiographically) for the treatment of apically progressive crown fractures. The fracture removal technique has resulted in the maintenance of teeth that would otherwise have been extracted as well as preservation of the site should extraction be required in the future.

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