Short- and Long-Term Management of an Acute Pustular Psoriasis Flare: A Case Report

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Generalised pustular psoriasis (GPP) and acrodermatitis continua of Hallopeau (ACH) are chronic, relapsing variants of pustular psoriasis proven to be remarkably challenging to treat. Due to their uncommon presentation, there are few described cases in literature and scarce evidence for management. Further information is needed to help dermatologists formulate treatment plans for patients presenting with such diseases.

Case Summary:

We report the case of a 68-year-old man with a 3-year history of psoriasis presenting to our clinic with a severe breakout of GPP and associated ACH. The patient underwent treatment with cyclosporine A (200 mg PO twice daily) for a period of 2 weeks. This provided dramatic improvement in disease symptoms, with clearance of pustules, remarkable reduction of ACH lesions, and absence of pain. The patient was transitioned to infliximab (5 mg/kg intravenous) and apremilast (30 mg PO twice daily), displaying minimal GPP relapse and well-controlled onychodystrophy for several months.


This case supports the use of cyclosporine as a first-line agent in providing immediate symptomatic relief for pustular psoriasis flares. Transitioning to infliximab and apremilast combination therapy offers a unique treatment regime for long-term GPP and ACH management.

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