Comparison of the Ratio of the Lenght of the Second and Fourth Digits in Subgroups of Fertile and Infertile Cases.

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To identify any relationship between known reasons of male infertility and 2D:4D ratio.


A total of 371 males were included in the study. The cases were grouped into 6 groups including sperm count < 5 million/mL, sperm count ≥ 5 million/mL, Klinefelter Syndrome, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, vasal agenesis and control. Groups were compared with each other in terms of 2D:4D ratios and groups with a 2D:4D ratios below 1 and equal/above 1 were compared.


The greatest ratios were in the vasal agenesis and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism groups and analysis of the data with logistic regression analysis showed that there was a significant difference in terms of 2D:4D ratios for these groups when comparing with control group. The other groups showed no statistically significantdifferences.


The results of the present study showed some significant difference between 2D:4D ratios for the subgroups of the fertile and infertile cases. Although, 2D:4D ratio is not an unaccompanied parameter to reveal causes of male infertility, it can be associated with some situations that are related with male infertility.

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