We are family

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As a BSN student, I consider participating in clinical to be the gem of my week. I fall in love with being a nurse more and more each day. A large part of my passion for nursing has to do with the wonderful team I work with. My classmates and I still have much to learn in clinical, so supporting each other is key to getting through the day.
Although the nursing community is often described as a family, unfortunately I've also encountered a lot of incivility in this “family.” Bullying and selfish behavior are the opposite of what nursing is about. If you can't show compassion, inclusivity, and kindness to your classmates or colleagues, how can you be expected to show patients the respect they deserve?
Patients can tell if you're being genuine. Having been a patient myself as well as working with some great nurses, I know from experience that the more patients believe you care about them, the more they feel comfortable opening up to you.
The nursing profession should be a place where all nurses truly work together. I'm going to continue to strive to be the best nurse I can be. I've overcome many obstacles to get here, and with the help of my nursing family, I'll continue to overcome many more.
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