Occupational Skin Disease Prevention: An Educational Intervention for Hairdresser Cosmetology Students

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Cosmetologists frequently develop occupational skin disease related to workplace exposures. The purpose of this study was to evaluate an educational intervention to increase cosmetology students’ occupational skin disease knowledge and use of preventive practices. A quasi-experimental design was used to evaluate students’ knowledge, behaviors, intentions, expectancies, and expectations. A 20-minute verbal presentation and printed two-page educational handout were provided for participants. Statistically significant increases in knowledge, frequency of glove use, and frequency of moisturizer use were found, but the frequency of handwashing did not increase. In addition, the Behavioral Strategies subscale, the Intention subscale, and the Expectancies subscale showed statistically significant improvements. The results of this study suggest an educational intervention can increase cosmetology students’ knowledge of occupational skin diseases and their use of preventive strategies.

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