Cytomegalovirus reactivation posthematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) and type of graft: A step toward rationalizing CMV testing and positively impacting the economics of HSCT in developing countries

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We aimed to determine a correlation between cytomegalovirus reactivation post hematopoeitic stem cell transplantation (post-HSCT) with the type of graft source, defining children at risk. We analyzed data on children less than 18 years of age undergoing HSCT from 2002 to May 2016 (n = 464). Correlation between reactivation and graft source was analyzed statistically. Reactivation occurred in 3% of children with matched-related donor (MRD) transplants, 33.3% with unrelated peripheral blood stem cells, 17.4% with unrelated cords, and 36.5% (15/41) with mismatched or haploidentical grafts (P = <0.0001). MRD does not warrant weekly PCR, unlike unrelated or haploidentical donors, thus defining protocols for developing countries with limited resources.

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