Bovine enzootic haematuria from consumption ofPteris deflexaandPteris plumulain northwestern Argentina

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Bovine enzootic haematuria (BEH) is caused by prolonged ingestion of toxic principles of bracken fern, essentially by Pteridium spp. In northwestern Argentina, this disease has a great economic impact ant it is attributed a chronic consumption to Pteridium arachnoideum. This paper describes two endemic areas for enzootic hematuria due to the consumption of Pteris deflexa and Pteris plumula. Two areas where P. deflexa and P. plumula are endemic, but free of Pteridium species, were devised and seven farms were visited. The disease was confirmed based on the presence of clinically affected animals. In four necropsies bleeding neoplastic lesions were observed in the mucosa of the urinary bladder. At phytochemical analysis, both ptaquiloside and pterosin B were found in P. deflexa and P. plumula. Thus, the consumption of P. deflexa and P. plumula can also cause BEH.

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