Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator-Assisted Pancreatic Resection in Hyperinsulinism

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Diffuse congenital hyperinsulinemia continues to be poorly responsive to medical management. Surgical resection for this entity can be variable in extent and efficacy.

Materials and Methods

This report describes a unique method of pancreatic resection for diffuse familial congenital hyperinsulinemia. The procedure maximizes pancreatic parenchymal removal while preserving blood supply to the vital structures adjacent to the head of the pancreas. Two cases of familial congenital hyperinsulinism are presented as well as a review of the current surgical literature.


The Cavitron ultrasonic surgical aspirator has been used successfully to assist in maximum resection of pancreatic tissue while preserving blood supply to the duodenum and common bile duct.


This report describes a useful technique of maximizing pancreatic resection for patients with diffuse congenital hyperinsulinemia which preserves adjacent vital structures.

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