Erratum for the Research Article: “The caspase-8 inhibitor emricasan combines with the SMAC mimetic birinapant to induce necroptosis and treat acute myeloid leukemia” by G. Brumatti, C. Ma, N. Lalaoui, N.-Y. Nguyen, M. Navarro, M. C. Tanzer, J. Richmond, M. Ghisi, J. M. Salmon, N. Silke, G. Pomilio, S. P. Glaser, E. deValle, R. Gugasyan, M. A. Gurthridge, S. M. Condon, R. W. Johnstone, R. Lock, G. Salvesen, A. Wei, D. L. Vaux, P. G. Ekert, J. Silk

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