Hip and Pelvis: MRI of Musculotendinous Trauma and Mimickers: Emergency and Trauma in MSK Radiology

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The spectrum of disorders in musculotendinous trauma (MTt) includes acute traumatic and subacute/chronic lesions caused by repetitive microtrauma. The imaging findings differ in the immature versus the mature skeleton in both categories. Sport-related MTt also depends on age, sex, and type of activity. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the modality of choice for exploring most MTt injuries and is invaluable for assessing severity and for planning management and return to activity. In some circumstances such as minimally displaced avulsion injuries, MRI findings need to be matched with plain radiographs or computed tomography. Ultrasonography is helpful in exploring superficial structures such as tendons, particularly if dynamic studies are required. Rarely, inflammatory or neoplastic disorders may simulate MTt in the hip and pelvis.

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