Is replacement modality choice knowledge important in the non-renal multidisciplinary team? Experience from a single UK centre

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Dialysis remains the mainstay treatment for patients with end stage renal disease. In the UK, there has been a significant decline in home dialysis despite its benefits and cost effectiveness. Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are often known to other specialties who they may continue to consult when approaching dialysis. We wished to assess the knowledge of the non-renal multidisciplinary team (MDT) regarding home dialysis and establish whether further education was warranted. This was assessed using an online survey sent to specialties likely to deal with CKD patients. In total, 364 questionnaires were sent out with a 26.4% response rate. According to the survey responses, 81.5% of non-renal MDTs lack confidence in discussing home dialysis options with patients and 74.55% feel that they need further education about home dialysis. Targeted education may increase home dialysis uptake by multimorbid CKD patients who have a consistent message delivered by all relevant healthcare teams about the benefits of home dialysis.

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