Model reference adaptive control based on kp model for magnetically controlled shape memory alloy actuators.

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Magnetically controlled shape memory alloy (MSMA) actuators take advantages of their large deformation and high controllability. However, the intricate hysteresis nonlinearity often results in low positioning accuracy and slow actuator response.


In this paper, a modified Krasnosel'skii-Pokrovskii model was adopted to describe the complicated hysteresis phenomenon in the MSMA actuators. Adaptive recursive algorithm was employed to identify the density parameters of the adopted model. Subsequently, to further eliminate the hysteresis nonlinearity and improve the positioning accuracy, the model reference adaptive control method was proposed to optimize the model and inverse model compensation.


The simulation experiments show that the model reference adaptive control adopted in the paper significantly improves the control precision of the actuators, with a maximum tracking error of 0.0072 mm.


The results prove that the model reference adaptive control method is efficient to eliminate hysteresis nonlinearity and achieves a higher positioning accuracy of the MSMA actuators.

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