Passive smoking as an independent risk factor for gestational diabetes that synergizes with prepregnancy obesity in urban Chinese women

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There are high-priority public health and legislative efforts around the world to reduce smoking and to reduce the spaces where smoking is allowable. These efforts are aimed at minimizing not only the adverse health effects of active smoking but also the adverse health effects of passive cigarette smoke exposure. While many cultures and societies make protection of a pregnant woman and her about-to-be-born-newborn a priority, the importance of protecting them from passive smoking that is prevalent in many modern societies has not been reported. The article by Leng et al, “Passive smoking increased risk of gestational diabetes mellitus independently and synergistically with prepregnancy obesity in Tianjin, China,” newly published in Diabetes Metabolism Research and Reviews, provides evidence that passive smoke inhalation during pregnancy makes gestational diabetes more likely, bringing with it negative health consequences for the mother and her baby. This study will hopefully add support to public health officials’ efforts to curb cigarette use, especially in public domains.

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