Guidelines, position studies, and blood vessel research

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This month issue of the Journal of Hypertension opens with the publication of the new guidelines on the management of hypertension and related morbidities in Latin America, prepared by a Task Force of the Latin American Society of Hypertension (pp. 1529–1545). The Journal of Hypertension is proud to be the forum chosen for dissemination of hypertension guidelines from different parts of the world, particularly when, as is the case for the Latin American guidelines, these are not subtle variations in the usual cosmopolitan recommendations on the management of hypertension, but focus on peculiarities of hypertension and cardiovascular and renal disease in Latin America, a continent dominated by disparities in social and economic conditions and great differences in health systems and availability of health care, with the widest range of lifestyles from the old traditional ones in the villages of the Amazonian forest, or the Andinean mountains to those in a modern metropolis.

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