Rapidly Progressive Maxillary Atelectasis

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Report of a patient with rapidly progressive maxillary atelectasis documented by sequential imaging.

Clinical Report:

A 51-year-old man, presented with left periorbital and retro-orbital pain associated with left nasal obstruction. An initial computed tomographic (CT) scan of the paranasal sinuses failed to reveal any significant abnormality. A subsequent CT scan, indicated for recurrence of symptoms 11 months later, showed significant maxillary atelectasis. An uncinectomy, maxillary antrostomy, and anterior ethmoidectomy resulted in a complete resolution of the symptoms.


Chronic maxillary atelectasis is most commonly a consequence of chronic rhinosinusitis. All previous reports have indicated a chronic process but lacked documentation of the course of the disease. This report documents a patient of rapidly progressive chronic maxillary atelectasis with CT scans that demonstrate changes in the maxillary sinus (from normal to atelectatic) within 11 months.

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