An Investigation of Self-reported Health-related Productivity Loss in Office Workers and Associations With Individual and Work-related Factors Using an Employer's Perspective

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Office workers have a high prevalence of musculoskeletal conditions. This can be a significant economic burden due to health-related productivity loss. Individual and work-related factors related to office worker health-related productivity were investigated.


A survey including the Health and Work Performance Questionnaire, which estimated productivity loss, also recorded individual and work-related factors with potential associations with health-related productivity. Muscle function and workstation ergonomics were examined through physical assessments. Linear models investigated the relationships between these factors and health-related productivity.


Significant factors identified were occupational category (0.001 < P < 0.050), job satisfaction (P < 0.001), psychological wellbeing (P = 0.031), and musculoskeletal pain (P = 0.023). Health-related productivity loss was greater in office workers working as managers, with lower job satisfaction and psychological wellbeing, and those with musculoskeletal pain.


Office worker health-related productivity loss is represented by a combination of both individual and work-related factors.

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