Glomangiomyoma of the Vagina: A Report of 2 Cases and Literature Review

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We report 2 cases of vaginal glomangiomyoma in a 53-year-old who presented with a painful vaginal mass, and a 56-year-old who had postmenopausal bleeding and in whom an incidental vaginal mass was identified and resected at the time of hysterectomy. Histologic examination of the resected masses showed solid, circumscribed, benign, smooth muscle–predominant tumors with interspersed small islands of epithelioid glomus cells. The glomus cells were intimately related to small-caliber blood vessels and showed no cytologic atypia or mitotic activity. The tumor cells showed diffuse expression of smooth muscle actin, CD34, and focal expression of h-caldesmon, vimentin, and estrogen receptor. No immunolabeling for calponin B or desmin was found. To our knowledge, there are only isolated reports of vaginal glomus tumors, and these are the first reported case of vaginal glomangiomyoma in the literature.

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