Paclitaxel loaded phospholipid-based gel as a drug delivery system for local treatment of glioma

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Paclitaxel (PTX) is a chemotherapeutic agent and has been widely used in clinic against human cancer. However, it has limited application in brain tumor treatment due to the poor penetration of blood brain barrier. Local delivery system is a promising carrier of PTX in the treatment of glioma. A biodegradable phospholipid-based gel (PG) system was developed for intratumoral injection and evaluated in brain glioma-bearing mice model. PTX loaded PG was composed of phospholipid, ethanol, medium chain triglyceride, triacetin and PTX. It was prepared by a very simple method. The system was a transparent solution with good fluidity, while turned into a gel after phase-transition when ethanol diffused. Both in vitro dissolution and in vivo imaging study proved the sustained release effect of PG system. In vivo tolerability study showed a better tolerability after mice treated with PTX PG compared with free PTX. The survival time of brain glioma-bearing mice after treatment with PTX PG was significantly prolonged compared with mice treated by free PTX (P < 0.05). In conclusion, this study developed a novel PG based local PTX delivery system with simple preparation method, good tolerability and high therapeutic efficacy. It has a great potential to improve the clinical management of glioma.

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