3D In vitro model of the re-epithelialization phase in the wound-healing process.

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Keratinocytes of the basal layer function are to maintain tissue homoeostasis and to fulfil skin repair in response to an external aggression. In wound-healing, during re-epithelialization phase, epithelial precursor cells gradually migrate from the edges of the wound. The epidermal reconstruction model called standard model allows the vertical skin regeneration process (proliferation/differentiation) to being investigated, and keratinocyte function in preserving skin homoeostasis to being assessed. Here, we developed and characterized a 3D migration model, which introduces a step of keratinocytes migration such as the one observed in the phase of re-epithelialization in wound-healing process. We validated the added value and the discriminative potential of this model by demonstrating pro-epithelializing effects of compounds. This new model allows the role of keratinocytes in different biomechanical and environmental requests to being better understood, and brings a new tool for compound screening and the study of mechanisms involved in skin regeneration.

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