PROSTATE CANCER: Comparing quality of life outcomes after prostate cancer treatment

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Life expectancy after primary treatment for localized prostate cancer is long, so the importance of functional outcomes and quality-of-life measures cannot be underestimated. Careful assessment of the data, with an emphasis on patient selection, definition of clinical significance, and length of follow-up duration, is essential.

Refers to Barocas, D. A. et al. Association between radiation therapy, surgery, or observation for localized prostate cancer and patient-reported outcomes after 3 years. JAMA21, 1126–1140 (2017) | Chen, R. C. et al. Association between choice of radical prostatectomy, external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy, or active surveillance and patient-reported quality of life among men with localized prostate cancer. JAMA21, 1141–1150 (2017)

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