A Quadrangular Flap Technique for Vermilion Repair in Unilateral Cleft Lip

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In unilateral cleft lip repair, the vermilion triangular flap technique reported by Noordhoff1 and its modification are widely accepted for the augmentation of the vermilion height on the medial side of the cleft; however, these techniques do not focus on the deformity of the labial tubercle. In this article, we herein report a modified technique for vermilion repair that is focused on the labial tubercle. The muco-vermilion quadrangular flap was elevated from the lateral lip to augment the labial tubercle. As a result, the amount of labial tubercle is appropriate. Fifty-three consecutive unilateral cleft lip repairs were performed. In most cases, the amount of the labial tubercle was appropriate, and the curvature of free margin was preferable. The technique could reduce the number of scars on the vermilion by placing some of the suture lines on the oral surface and enabled the augmentation of the labial tubercle. In conclusion, the quadrangular flap can be considered an ideal flap for the construction of the vermilion.

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