Reduced narcotic and sedative utilization in a NICU after implementation of pain management guidelines

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To assess the opioid and benzodiazepine usage in a level IV NICU after implementation of pain guidelines.


Guidelines were developed for infants undergoing surgical procedures and infants on mechanical ventilation. Data collected for period 1 (July to December 2013) and period 2 (March to August 2014).


Gestational age, birth weight and infants with hypoxic respiratory failure or requiring major procedures were comparable in two periods. Number of patients exposed to opioids decreased from 62.9% (129/205) in period 1 to 32.8% (82/250) in period 2, P = < 0.001. Cumulative dose exposure decreased, opioids in morphine equivalent dose, mg kg-1 (1.64 (0.38 to 6.94) vs 0.51 (0.04 to 2.33), P = 0.002), sedatives in midazolam equivalent, mg kg-1 (0.16 (0.03 to 7.39) vs 0.10 (0.00 to 4.00), P = 0.03). Ten patients required treatment for iatrogenic opioid withdrawal versus only three in post guideline, P = 0.02.


Evidence-based guidelines led to significant reduction in opioids and sedatives exposure, and in the number of infants requiring methadone for iatrogenic narcotic dependence.

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