A by‐product of swine slaughtering as a protein source in broiler diets: effects on performance, composition of excreta, litter quality and on foot pad health

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Soya bean meal is an important protein source in poultry diets, but besides many advantages (e.g., protein content and amino acid pattern), especially the high contents of potassium and non‐starch polysaccharides present a risk for the development of foot pad dermatitis – a wide spread ‘production disease’ in poultry which is mainly caused by wet litter (Mayne et al., 2007; Kamphues et al., 2011).
Therefore, it is of special interest to study influences of ‘alternative’ protein sources in poultry diets. At the moment, it is still not allowed in the EU to use pork in broiler diets. For the future, it seems to be unavoidable to include these protein sources into consideration, not only to reduce the proportion of imported soya bean meal, but to handle by‐products of slaughtering as protein and phosphorus resources as efficiently as possible.

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