JOEM 2016 Reviewers—Thank you and Perspectives

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The Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine (JOEM) has accomplished much in 2016, but we must start by thanking the 252 reviewers and the members of the JOEM Editorial Board who volunteer their time and knowledge to review each submission. The reviewers are listed alphabetically in the table. JOEM production would not be possible without their support and enthusiasm. As always, we also thank our readership for their continued support over the past years and into 2017.
During 2016, JOEM hardcopy publication consisted of 202 print articles, which is up from 180 articles in 2015. In addition, the JOEM trend of publishing more articles online is also increasing from 30 in 2014, 50 in 2015, to 88 articles last year. We are extremely pleased at this continuing transition to increased utilization of online articles and look to increase that number even more during 2017. JOEM saw the same number of Authors adopt the open access option for the past 2 years that has held stable at 22 articles. JOEM social media access is also increasing due to a coordinated push by the Editorial Office to feature every JOEM article, both online and in-print on the Facebook page as a separate posting. Because of this endeavor started late last spring, the number of page likes has increased by nearly 300 people, almost one-third of the current number of active users of the content. This growth is steady and demonstrates the increasing influence that social content has in the scientific arena. Please be sure to like and share the content at JOEM working with Guest Editors COL Timothy M. Mallon and Joel C. Gaydos published a supplement on Exposure Biomarkers in August 2016—Volume 58—Supplement 1 8S, which is also available on the JOEM Website.
To further assist JOEM readers, the publisher LWW has added an iPad app to the arsenal of products available to assist researchers with JOEM access. The app is available as a free download to ACOEM members and JOEM subscribers. Also, LWW has transitioned the JOEM Web page to include “Responsive Design,” which allows for seamless adjustments to the site layout based on the user's screen resolution, regardless of device. Another important aspect is that all functionality available on desktops will be available across devices.
Finally, JOEM celebrated the centennial of the ACOEM throughout 2016 and into 2017. Four articles have been published highlighting the significant advancements made over the years and a final article is slated for publication this spring. The articles, including The Compilation of Best Papers from former JOEM Editor-in-Chief Dr Lloyd B Tepper are:
A Compilation of Best Papers
Tepper, Lloyd B. MD, ScD (JOM Editor-in-Chief 1979–1991)
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:
February 2016 - Volume 58 - Issue 2 - pp. 111–113
doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000682
Commentary for JOEM Forum: Then and Now
Tee Guidotti, MD, MPH, FACOEM
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:
January 2017 - Volume 59 - Issue 1 - pp. 120–132
doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000943
Occupational Medicine Forum
Then and Now Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome
Brooks, Stuart M. MD
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:
June 2016 - Volume 58 - Issue 6 - pp. 636–637
doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000787
Occupational Medicine Forum
Commentary for JOEM Forum - Silicosis: Then and Now
John R. Balmes, MD
Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:
February 2017 - Volume 59 - Issue 2 - pp. 222–233
doi: 10.1097/JOM.0000000000000957
Occupational Medicine Forum
In Press: Commentary for the Then and Now Forum: The Healthy Worker Effect
Judith Green McKenzie, MD, MPH
Occupational Medicine Forum
These articles represent significant advancements in areas of interest for JOEM stakeholders.
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