Evaluation of the in vivo cosmetic efficacy of the MFIII blue cell serum gel. One- and two-month test results

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Skin is changing over time showing signs of aging: dryness, increase in visual and tactile roughness, decrease in collagen content and stiffness, and eventually formation of deep and surface wrinkles, and fine lines.


Eight-week open experimental study was conducted to test efficacy of MFIII Blue Cell Serum Gel. Main criteria to determine product efficacy by following skin biophysical techniques were as follows: skin moisturization, firmness, epidermal and dermal density, skin surface properties and sebum level, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Secondary criteria were as follows: participant's opinion during study and product tolerance evaluation. Days 29 and 57 assessments included visual evaluation, skin biophysical techniques, and compliance check. The self-assessment questionnaires completed.


After week 8, obtained results showed very good hydration effect of test product, despite the fact being serum gel. Moisturizing increased continuously during study period. Important increases on skin firmness were observed which are in line with typical anti-aging claims. Dermal density steady improvement noted especially after 4th week of study, and effect on deep skin layers was due to increase in collagen content and stiffness. Sebum regulation process was evidenced. Further significant roughness reduction in skin surface showed decrease or disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Products were well tolerated with no adverse events. Most of participants noticed visible improvement and increase in facial radiance, skin smoothness, and overall skin improvement.


Twice daily application of MFIII Blue Cell Serum Gel led to significant improvement in skin hydration, firmness, dermal density, sebum regulation, roughness reduction, decrease or disappearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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