The impact of Fiera, a women's personal care device, on genital engorgement as measured by thermography: a proof-of-principle study

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To determine the degree of vasoengorgement of the external genitalia caused by Fiera, a personal care device developed specifically to increase sexual arousal and interest. Time to onset of self-reported genital sexual arousal and development of responsive sexual desire were also measured.


This nonblinded, prospective cohort, single-site study was conducted in women without sexual dysfunction between the ages of 18 and 70. Each participant underwent a single-visit procedure that established a baseline temperature of the external genitalia, followed by 15 minutes of Fiera use. A post-Fiera temperature assessment lasting 10 minutes was performed. Subjective measures assessed the development of genital arousal and responsive desire as a result of Fiera use.


Fourteen premenopausal and 12 postmenopausal participants completed the study. Mean time to reach genital arousal was 5.2 + 4.2 minutes in the premenopausal group, and 4.5 + 4.3 minutes in the postmenopausal group. Statistically significant increases in the temperature of the clitoris and vestibule were demonstrated in both groups up to 10 minutes after removal of Fiera. At the labia, temperature increase was significant up to 8 minutes in the premenopausal group and up to 2 minutes in the postmenopausal group. All of the participants experienced responsive sexual desire as a result of Fiera.


Use of Fiera produced statistically significant increases in the temperature of the external genitalia, markers of vasoengorgement, in both the premenopausal and postmenopausal participants. The onset of genital sexual arousal was rapid in both groups, and responsive sexual desire was experienced by all of the participants.

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