CYP1B1 Cytopathy: Uncommon Phenotype of a Homozygous CYP1B1 Deletion as Internal Corneal Ulcer of Von Hippel

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To report a mutation of CYP1B1 in a newborn with a rare phenotype without the classic features of anterior segment dysgenesis or congenital glaucoma.


The newborn presented with diffuse corneal edema and bilaterally elevated intraocular pressure (IOP). Ophthalmological examination, ultrasound, and ultrasound biomicroscopy were performed; congenital infections were ruled out. Genetic analysis was performed. The patient underwent penetrating keratoplasty and goniotomy in a single surgical time. The button was subjected to histopathological examination.


The patient is the first child of young, healthy, consanguineous parents. Ophthalmological examination revealed visual acuity of light perception and increased IOP in both eyes. CYP1B1 gene analysis demonstrated homozygosity for a 1-bp deletion in exon 2 (c.830delT). IOP was normalized, and the corneal button was clear after surgical treatment. Histopathological analysis revealed loss of the Bowman membrane in the central cornea, fibrosis of the stroma, absence of endothelial cells, and loss of Descemet membrane centrally.


We present an uncommon mutation and clinical description of CYP1B1. This report and further studies could provide us better understanding of the mutational spectrum of CYP1B1.

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