Practical approach to syndromic pediatric retinal dystrophies

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Purpose of review

The purpose of this review is to outline those systemic disorders that are associated with pediatric retinal dystrophy, summarize important retinal, and nonretinal clues that aid in syndromic diagnosis, provide an approach for ophthalmic and systematic systemic examination, describe the important systemic findings seen in pediatric syndromic retinal dystrophies and highlight the role of genetic testing.

Recent findings

With profound advances being made in the field of molecular genetics, a definitive molecular etiology is increasingly being made even in rare and unusual forms of retinal dystrophies. Early recognition and precise diagnosis of a syndromic association has major clinical implications. It not only ensures early and holistic care to the child but also provides an opportunity for the parents in better understanding the nature and course of the disorder. It greatly aids in genetic counseling.


Many syndromic retinal dystrophies may present initially to the ophthalmologist long before they present to the pediatrician with systemic symptoms. The intent of this article is to act as a resource in assisting the ophthalmologist to arrive at an early systemic diagnosis.

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