State of Our Profession Over the Decades

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This special supplement of the IV STEP Conference Proceedings 2016 marks the continuation of a process that began in 1966 with The Northwestern University Special Therapeutic Exercise Project (NUSTEP). This original conference brought together many of the leaders in rehabilitation for a series of lectures and demonstrations representing the state of the art for neurologic rehabilitation for children and adults. The proceedings from that conference served as the text for physical therapy education for many years. My personal copy of that 1200-page tome is creased and battered after many long hours of study as a physical therapy student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
It has been a privilege to participate in and experience the growth of physical therapy since those early student experiences. The initial NUSTEP conference 50 years ago was followed in 1990 with II STEP Special Therapeutic Exercise Project, in 2005 with III STEP Symposium on Translating Evidence into Practice, and now the most recent conference held in 2016, IV STEP Prevention, Prediction, Plasticity, and Participation. These last 3 conferences have been jointly sponsored by the Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy and the Academy of Neurologic Physical Therapy. Our thanks for all the extraordinary efforts given by members of both academies to plan and implement these conferences. The Academies are jointly publishing these proceedings. Our thanks to the authors for their contributions.
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