Overweight and Obesity in Children: More Than Just the Kilos

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A new model of diagnostics and treatment for overweight in children is used for implementation of a new approach toward childhood obesity. Although based in a hospital setting, it is part of a cure and care network with other professionals. By psycho-education about the body at a 6-year-old level, parents and children become informed and competent partners. This knowledge increases their autonomy and ability to make choices. Collaboration with the family's support group or network reduces isolation and increases the feeling of being connected and supported. Together with their support network, they can maintain this healthier lifestyle or adjust it where needed. Family workbooks and worksheets support the child and parents and increase their autonomy, self management skills, and motivation to take part in the cure and care network. The approach is a based on the three basic needs that determine motivation, namely autonomy, competence, and connectedness.

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